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“That was like completing Mario World, or getting to the end boss on Double Dragon,” says Pizzorno.

“Coming off stage after that, rather than feeling, ‘Ah, we’ve done it now,’ I sort of felt, ‘We’ve done it, and now I can do anything.’ Nothing’s daunting any more.” They toured the world in 2015, then Pizzorno had his six-week writing rush at the beginning of 2016 and came up with 10 of the new album’s 12 songs. “You wake up in the morning, no matter how many great songs you’ve written, and you go: ‘Today’s the day I’m gonna write that tune.’ You always need one more,” he says.

The danceable grooves of songs such as the new single, You’re in Love With a Psycho, and the eight-minute centrepiece, Are You Looking for Action?

We had no option but to cancel and we're sorry to our fans and anyone that travelled a long way. Details on the rescheduled date to follow soon xx (sic)" Fans were urged to keep hold of their tickets as they will be valid for a rescheduled date when that is announced.

After that, the last two songs came to him and the band started recording the music that’s almost with us.

For Meighan, however, 2016 was far less celebratory.

Having previously written music inspired by velociraptors, internet surveillance and Vlad the Impaler, and named their band after a member of the Manson Family, Kasabian have done something really unexpected as they prepare to release their sixth album: they’ve come up with what they say is their first-ever love song.

Put Your Life On It closes the Leicester quartet’s new album, released next month, which is called For Crying Out Loud.

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