Polyamory dating meaning

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Poly * Polyamory * Committed Non Monogamy * Ethical Swinging * Open Relationships * Multi-Partner Relationships * Swingers and Emotional Connections * Everyone has the right to marry and love whom they choose without limits as long as they are responsible adults! Polyamory and the exact meaning of the word is often the subject of debate among self-identified polyamorous people.For polyamorous folks, we have, or are trying to discard this narrative.In letting go of the narrative we also let go of the narrow definition of romantic love. You can love in different ways, different intensity and experience an array of romantic and or sexual love.

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This is the one right relationship that is supposed to fulfill all our needs and sweep us away into bliss.

When I meet someone and feel an attraction/connection it is my intention to explore the possibility of a lasting relationship.

For my dear friend who loves swinging, her intention is to have a fun sexual encounter and be done.

It is in our literature, music, movies, even our politics and is ingrained over a lifetime of subliminal and direct propaganda.

The reality for many people is far different, regardless the narrative remains.

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