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So, has the administration actually backed down on one of its key interpretations of executive power? Already some are speculating that the Gonzales letter is really a Trojan Horse.They claim that a closer reading of the letter provides a major, unresolved loophole the administration plans to exploit. Regardless, of which side of this debate readers fall, the program raised troubling questions, not the least of which is the extent and depth of presidential powers even in the time of war. That fact is the most worrisome about this whole affair, that the White House, having publicly announced its compliance, would behind the scenes still do just the opposite.” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (1/23) editorializes, “’The truth of the matter is we looked at FISA and we all concluded there's no way we can do what we have to do to protect this country under the strict reading of FISA’ ...3 DOJ NMG 0120031 Terrorism News: Captured Documents Show Iraq Al Qaeda Plotted Attacks In US.

7 NYTimes Urges Congress T o Pass Chemical Plant Security Law “With Teeth.” 7 War News: Warner Comes Out Against Surge Plan 7 Surge Expected T o Curtail Violence In Short T erm 9 Ahead Of US-lraqi Security Push, Insurgents Continue Campaign of Violence 10 Insurgents Seize Baqouba’s Mayor As US Officials Report Progress 11 Suicide Bomber Kills 10 In Afghanistan T oday 1 1 Pakistanis Say Omar Likely In Afghanistan 12 l ED “Jammers” Also Disrupt US Radio Communication 12 DOJ: Ensign Mum On Reasons For US Attorney Dismissals 12 Corporate Scandals: DOJ, SEC Officials Question Jobs In Apple Options Probe ...

That abuse fit the Bush administration's view that national security trumps all other concerns, when in fact the need to preserve our wayof life in times of crisis demands that we uphold those constitutional protections then more zealously than ever.” US To Keep Syrian-Born Canadian On Terrorism Watch List. Gonzales about the case,” said in a statement yesterday, “This abhorrent practice stains America’s reputation as a defender and protector of human rights, and I hope this administration will renounce it at long last.” (1/23) reports, “American officials said Monday that a Canadian should remain on a U. terrorist watch list despite the Canadian government's conclusion otherwise and its apology after the designation led to his detention in Syria.” CNN continues, “In a joint letter, U. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff informed Stockwell Day, Canada's minister of public safety, that they had again looked at DOJ NMG 0120034 intelligence in their possession concerning Maher Arar. ‘Based on this re-examination, we remain of the view that the continued watch listing of Mr. Arar to Canada, and that there is no reason for him to be on a watch-list,' said center attorney Maria La Hood.” Cohen Urges Stimson’s Firing.

The New York Times (1/23, Shane, 1.16M) reports, “Despite a Canadian inquiry that cleared a Syrian-born Canadian citizen of any terrorist ties, the Bush administration has formally refused a Canadian government request that it remove the man, Maher Arar, from the terrorist watch list, saying that the United States has secret information justifying his inclusion.” In a letter sent last week to Canadian public safety minister Stockwell Day, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff said that “their departments and American intelligence agencies ‘have re-examined the materials in the possession of the United States regarding Mr. Washington Post (1/23, 690K) columnist Richard Cohen writes about Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Cully Stimson, ‘‘I, for one, do not accept Stimson's apology.

The one that said eavesdropping on Americans should occur with a warrant. Ignore the law.” The Sentinel adds, “FISA actually is abundantly clear on this matter of warrants. Last week, the Justice Department announced that it would put its surveillance program under FISA court supervision.

This occurred weeks after Democrats assumed control of Congress, just before Gonzales was to appear before the Senate committee and two weeks before a federal appeals court in Cincinnati was going to hear arguments about whether the program is legal.

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