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He says goodbye to Simon, whose paternity has come into doubt again, and tells him he hopes that he is his father.It is later revealed that Pat believes Brian Wicks (Leslie Schofield) is Simon's father.He was born and raised in Walford, where he lived with his family at number 45 Albert Square.Kenny was banished from Walford in 1965, at the age of 24, when his mother caught him in bed with his brother's wife Pat (Pam St. He went to live in New Zealand, set up a business selling swimming pools, and married a New Zealander named Barbara.Ali's financial problems continue and he leaves Walford in October 1989 when he loses his home and business.Little Ali now lives in Northern Cyprus with his father.

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This affair is eventually exposed to the community, leading to the family leaving Walford for Bristol in June 1990.

Pauline later travels to New Zealand to visit Kenny in June 1992, after he had been in a car accident. It is revealed in Civvy Street that is named after his paternal grandfather, Kenneth Beale.

Elizabeth Beale, played by Lucy Bayler, was born in New Zealand to Kenny (Michael Attwell) and Barbara Beale, and comes to Walford with Kenny when they visit her sick grandmother Lou (Anna Wing).

When health visitor Carmel Jackson (Judith Jacob) notices that Little Ali is not being looked after properly, she investigates and finds that the child minder is neglecting the children in her care, leaving them alone all day.

Unable to look after his son, Ali sends Little Ali to live with relatives.

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