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Not knowing how to do even the simplest domestic tasks. When you ask him to pick you up something on the way home, he never gets the right thing. The avocados he picks up are just legit not ever perfectly ripe.

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Because you're not dating some guy who will mean nothing to you one day; you're dating your best friend. You aren't an annoying couple, because you're so much more than that.

Very often, the annoying features of someone else’s habits annoy us precisely because we have an opposite tendency or trait.

For example, some people are annoyed when a housemate does not wash the toothpaste-spit down the drain after brushing their teeth.

I know it's cheesy, but if you've ever been in love, you know that your partner's looks literally don't matter. Obviously you're not going to suddenly be into uggos, but the more you fall for someone, the SEXIER they become. The older you get, your expectations for a partner start to shift.

In the end, it really personality that will get you through the future together. You start to want someone who will be a good partner and parent, not (just) a hot lay. It extremely important to maintain a sense of personal identity.

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